Strategic Partnership & IN Licensing

DIVISIONStrategic Partnership & IN Licensing

In the dynamic landscape of the Indian Pharma Industry, the practice of licensing novel molecules and cutting-edge technologies has emerged as a pivotal strategy for organizations with ambitious growth aspirations, both on a global and national scale. At Mascot Health Series, we are committed to making well-informed business development decisions, from identifying potential partners and licensing opportunities to conducting rigorous transaction diligence and scenario planning.

Our philosophy revolves around forging strategic partnerships with innovators, fostering the progression of groundbreaking science, and continually seeking visionary collaborators who are actively exploring bold scientific ideas, capabilities, and technologies. We are passionate about bringing innovative treatments to patients in need, introducing novel patented, proprietary concepts, and pioneering first-time-in-India product opportunities that are poised to accelerate growth in the near future.

Our journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to enhancing expertise through access to external knowledge and capabilities, such as new drug delivery technologies and advanced manufacturing processes. By aligning with global innovators, we offer domestic companies the opportunity to broaden their horizons, strengthen their capabilities, and expand their global reach, thereby ensuring that cutting-edge pharmaceutical solutions reach those who need them most.