Qa - Qc

Qa - Qc

Mascot is committed to manufacture and market ‘Quality’ products that meet specification. It is our endeavor to provide ‘safe’, ‘effective’ and ‘acceptable’ products. This quality can only be achieved if we implement good manufacturing practices.

To ensure consistent quality we have developed our own quality policy which enables us to manage quality aspects in a systematic, organized manner.

Our quality policy was made in accordance to the International guidelines set by WHO and FDA.

Our commitment to quality is relentless so we routinely do self- audits. These audits are strict and follow the checklist provided by the Quality Assurance department.

As organizations are fluid and guidelines change, training becomes a very critical aspect of quality.

All employees that have a role in manufacturing, senior or junior, new and old; have to undergo training as per their schedule and needs.

A record is maintained of all training batches and the employees.